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Standalone C-Frame Presses

C-Frame Presses are ideal for all applications

The C-Frame Press line features a slim and clean design, allowing the operator excellent accessibility to the work area from the front as well as the sides.

Ideal for rubber molding, straightening, bending, pressing, stamping, and die cushion work, TOX®-C-Frame Presses offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.

TOX®-C-Frame Press series PC
Max. capacity: 80-2000 kN

The slender design is possible by using the compact TOX®-Drives. The welded and stress-relieved press frame is extremely stable and has a very low level of deflection.

The design of our Series PC C-Frame Press catches everyone’s attention. The slim construction earned a design award and was made possible by the integration of our compact TOX®-Powerpackage cylinders. The welded and stress relieved frame body is very rigid and has minimum deflection.

C-Frame Presses can also be used with indexing tables and automatic feeding systems. The Series PC features adjustable height and multi-directional accessibility which provides high levels of accuracy and precision on the job.

TOX®-C-Frame Press series CEC
Max. capacity: 84 kN

The solid cast construction with large throat depth results in a highly versatile all-round press.

The TOX®-Press series CEC combined with a pneumohydraulic drive TOX®-Powerpackage RZ or electromechanical drive TOX®-ElectricPowerDrive EXe-L assure precise guided strokes, especially for long strokes.

The accessory Safety device CLX guarantees highest safety for the operator on every stroke.

TOX®-C-Frame Press series CEU
Max. capacity: 75-140 kN

Stable welded construction with only minimum deflection, optimal flexibility in application.

The press bed is continuously height-adjustable and dismountable.

Create a very flexible press system by using a TOX®-Powerpackage with total stroke adjustment. The clinching tools and strippers can be changed fast and easily. Therefore, different piece parts can be processed within a short time. 

TOX®-C-Frame Press series CEJ
Max. capacity: 50-80 kN

Flexible modular system provides an universal upright press. Optimized for our TOX®-Robot Tongs drives and tool geometries.

Our press frame CEJ combines the advantages of a robot tong with those of a stationary press. Use our experience and competence of the TOX®-Robot Tongs!

C-Frame Press features include:

  • Adjustable height
  • Anti-rotational ram
  • Accessibility from the front and sides of the unit
  • Easy adaptation to varying tools

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